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Extraordinary History

Directly under the Ministry of Commerce, the China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchanges (hereafter referred to as CICETE) was founded on March 12, 1983 with the approval of the State Council.

CICETE's main function, delegated by the Ministry, is to coordinate the cooperation between China and UNDP,UNIDO including executing their assisted programs to China, and to manage projects of general goods supply, South-South Cooperation Assistance Fund projects, capacity building projects under the China-Aid programme to other developing countries. Since its establishment, CICETE has witnessed an extraordinary history over three decades, during which it deems its responsibility to promote economic and technical exchanges between China and other countries and makes great contributions to economic and social development in China and recipient countries.

CICETE has set up and implemented over 900 projects and cooperation programmes of USD 1 billion during the cooperation with UNDP and other UN agencies, a thousand of general goods projects of China aid including nearly a hundred of humanitarian emergency rescuers for major natural disasters such as Ebola outbreak in West Africa, Fiji hurricane, Ecuador earthquake, Sri Lanka floods, Mexico earthquake, Nepal earthquake and etc.. Meanwhile, CICETE organizes high-level conferences, exhibitions and professional trainings, invites international short-term and long-term consultants, and provides project management service for international organizations, government agencies and enterprises. In addition, CICETE has also been cooperating actively with international non-governmental organizations and enterprises.

CICETE has become an important bridge and platform for multi - bilateral economic and technical exchanges and international development cooperation after 30 years growth, built up a wide cooperation network with more than 150 UN agencies, international NGOs and academic research institutions as well as 30 ministries and local government agencies, and established brands on international project management, conference and exhibition organizing, UN procurement promotion and etc. which has made positive contributions to promote economic and social development in China and a harmonious and prosperous world.

In all our fields of business, CICETE seeks to further its partnerships with local governments, NGOs, universities, private sector entities interested in international cooperation, and we will work diligently to serve as a bridge between China and the rest of the world.