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Bidding Announcement of UNDP/CICETE's Subcontract on "China Hydrogen Economy Pilot"

Hydrogen energy is a huge and promising industry. In 2004, about 57 million metric tons of hydrogen were produced in the world, which equal 1700 million tons of fossil fuel. The world output has been increasing at about 10% annually since then. Hydrogen energy, a clean secondary energy of zero carbon emission, is valued by various countries in the world. In recent years, automobile hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology has been developing rapidly internationally. Developed countries and regions such as the US, Japan, South Korea, and EU are increasing their investment in the research of hydrogen energy and fuel cells, and they have set clear targets for industrialization of the new technology. In 2012, China produced 20 million tons of hydrogen, and China was the largest producer in the world. The Chinese government has been supporting the development of hydrogen energy and fuel cell automobile technology in its national science and technology planning, and has been launching demonstration projects and promoting applications of the technology.

To facilitate the development of hydrogen fuel cell technology, the China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchanges (CICETE) under Ministry of Commerce, plans to develop the "China Hydrogen Economy Pilot Project" in association with the UNDP. The project is targeted to demonstrate inRugaohydrogen production and application technologies, and build a “hydrogen energy city” in order to realize sustainable development and alleviate climate changes. To fulfill the target above, we will take the following measures: 1) develop a roadmap for developing hydrogen energy in Rugao; 2) demonstrate hydrogen energy production technology, including production of hydrogen from renewable energies in order to increase production capacity and develop relative standards; 3) develop hydrogen storage technology and construct hydrogen fuel station; 4) apply hydrogen fuel cells in the field of transportation, integrate it with combine heat and power supply, and develop relative standards; 5) research in policy system and framework for hydrogen energy development and methods for carbon trading; 6) Promote public awareness of hydrogen energy to facilitate the development of the hydrogen economy.

The total budget for the project is $10 million with a time span of four years.The executing entity is CICETE under the Ministry of Commerce. The bidding involves one subcontract. The CICETE is in charge of the bidding event.

The Chinese version of the subcontract's TOR is included in the appendix and can also be found in the website www.cicete.org. After the bidding, a bid assessment committee will be set up at CICETE to assess the bidding documents (contract proposals) submitted. The bidder with the highest score wins.If no objection exists against the publicly announced result, CICETE will sign the contract with the winning bidder.

One subcontract to the bidding in total: The Roadmap of Rugao's Hydrogen Energy Development

Entities intending to attend the bidding must:

Submit the Intention for Bid Documents and contract proposal via mail before 17:00, November 11, 2016. Please mail the documents to China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchanges at the following address. The Intention for Bid Documents should include a letter of intention for bid and relevant information such as contacts and bidding date. The document needs to be titled as “Intention for Bid of China Hydrogen Economy Pilot - Roadmap of Rugao's Hydrogen Energy Development," and stamped with the entity's official seal.The contract proposal needs to be titled as "Contract Proposal for China Hydrogen Economy Pilot - Roadmap of Rugao's Hydrogen Energy Development," and stamped with the entity's official seal.

Submission requirements of contract proposal:

1. Bidding documents (including technical and business sections) in Chinese, each with seven copies(sealed).

2. Please read carefully the "China Hydrogen Economy Pilot Project" subcontract TOR (see Appendix 1), contract proposal format requirements (see Appendix 2), and review principles (Appendix 3). A contract proposal failing to comply with the above requirements may lead to rejection of the bid.All proposals submitted will not be returned, regardless of the bidding result.

3. The bidding entities need to prepare a PPT document for presentation. The time of review is subject to further notice.

4. Address of CICETE, contacts and tel. number:

Add. : Floor 11, Block C of Yonghe Tower, no. 28 Andingmen Dong St., Dongcheng District, Beijing

Zip Code: 100007

Contacts: Xiang Yingling / Liu Xiaoyun

Tel.: (010)84000526/64097392

Fax: 010-64097399

E-mail: xiangyingling@cicete.org


1.TOR for Developing Rugao Hydrogen Economy Development Roadmap

2. Requirements on Form of Contract Proposal

3. Bid Evaluation Principle

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