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Preliminary Progress in Project of Baseline Investigation of Mercury Emission from Chinese Cement Sector and Its Whole-process Control

I. The Project Inception Workshop was held in Beijing

Officials from CICETE, UNIDO, The Foreign Economic Cooperation Office (FECO) of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China (MEP-FECO), and experts from International Center for Materials Technology Promotion of China Building Materials Academy (ICM/CBMA), and China Cement Association etc. as well as 30 participants attended this workshop.

Through implementation of this project, UNIDO, other international organization, as well as Chinese government and association, and Chinese cement enterprises will work side by side to minimize the impacts of mercury together and launched the process of cooperation.

II. Dissemination and communication of the project were conducted in the Summit Forum on Comprehensive Treatment, Limited Emission, Clean Production

Project manager Prof. LI Juan and project expert Prof. HE Jie attended “The 6th Annual Meeting of Environment and Resource Protection Committee of China Cement Association and Summit Forum on Comprehensive Treatment, Limited Emission and Clean Production”.

Two project experts were invited to make presentations on significance and technical approach of the project, as well as exchanged present technologies and experience of mercury emission abatement in Chinese cement industry with the experts during the forum.


III. Lists of 30+5 participating cement plants were determined

Considering the great difference of mercury content in raw materials from different regions, the project selects cement plant from 7 typical geographical regions in China.

The list of 30 cement plants as well 5 demonstration cement enterprises were determined combining the capacity of cement line.

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