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Director-General Yan Dong attended the 2018 Global CEO Conference and the UNIDO Day event

The 2018 Global CEO Conference and the UNIDO Day event were held on April 20 in Shanghai. The Global CEO Conference takes the theme of “Made in China and Chinese Enterprises Going Global” and consists of an opening ceremony, an award ceremony, project signing ceremonies, television forums and special seminars. The UNIDO Day event features thematic forums and dialogues focusing on technological innovation, technology trade and global sustainable development.

CICETE Director-General Yan Dong was invited to attend the above two events, and singed the UNIDO project “Intelligent Manufacturing Technology and Its Application in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises”, together with Mr. Ralf Bredel, Representative and Head of UNIDO Regional Office in Beijing and Mr. Zhang Daogen, President of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences during the Global CEO Conference.

Director-General Yan Dong also visited Shanghai Investment Promotion Center. The Head of the center introduced the innovative measures taken during the new phase of the Shanghai Investment Promotion Center project in terms of team building and operation mechanism, and expressed hopes to develop in-depth and practical cooperation with CICETE in more areas.

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