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Delegation from Regional Office for Asia-Pacific of UNOSSC visited CICETE

Mr. Denis Nkala, Regional Coordinator, Regional Coordinator, Regional Office for Asia-Pacific, United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC) and Mr. Sajib Saquib Azad, Risk Management Consultant, Regional Office for Asia-Pacific, UNOSSC paid a visit to CICETE on 3 May 2018. Mr Zhang Yi, Deputy Director General of CICETE met with the delegation.

Mr. Denis Nkala briefed CICETE on the purpose of the mission, which was to explore potential ways to better contribute to Maritime-Continental Silk Road Cities Alliance Project (shorted as MCSR CA) and undertake the risk management work according to the outputs listed on the project document. Mr. Zhang Yi, extended warm welcome to the delegation, and expected great contribution as well as professional suggestions from the two experts for a better implementation of MCSR CA Project. Where-after, detailed consultations were conducted with Division II of UN Programmes and domestic partners under the framework of MCSR CA. After the mission, the two experts will integrate all the information and compile a recommendation report to mitigate potentials risks for a smooth project implementation.

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