Brief Introduction

Since 1979, USD 550 million of assistance has been provided to China by UNDP, and USD 200 million of project cost-sharing assistance raised from other resources. In accordance with the respective development priorities in each stage of China, over 800 projects have been assisted, covering almost every sectors of economic and social development of China, such as industry, agriculture, environmental protection, energy, education, public health, communication, finance, taxation, poverty alleviation, social welfare, economic restructuring, intellectual and foreign investment introduction, and etc.
In the fields of macro-economic reform, social development, agricultural and forestry ecological protection, poverty alleviation and etc, CICETE has implemented a series of programs, such as economic restructuring and legislation, evaluation index system for all-around well-off society,administrative system reform, judicial reform, fiscal policy, taxation, foreign exchange and customs management, state-owned middle and large enterprises reform, small town development, machine tool manufacturing, safety of nuclear power operation, and etc..
In the fields of poverty alleviation, CICETE has successfully implemented over 50 poverty alleviation and sustainable development programs in 48 towns, 4 cities of 17 provinces and autonomous regions and set up micro-finance institutions. With a total micro-finance revolving fund of US$8.30 million and annual beneficiaries up to 50,000 poverty-stricken families (200,000 people), the micro-finance program managed by CICETE has become the largest one in the country, achieving great social and economic benefits. It not only promoted development of micro-finance in China and financial reform, but also built up a professional group and management system, which are recognized widely at home and abroad.
In the fields of environmental protection and energy, programs executed by CICETE involves air-pollution control, waste water processing, clean production, bio-diversity protection, drinking water safety in rural areas and water resources management, ocean pollution control, management of land resources, relief –providing against disasters, combating desertification, management of urban and regional sustainable development, international environmental agreements, environmental education and training, reforming energy administration, efficient utilization of energy and the development of new and renewable energy, and etc.

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