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CICETE Deputy Director-General Zhang Yi Visited UNIDO ITPO Beiing

On May 11th, Zhang Yi visited the UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion Office Beijing (hereinafter referred to as ITPO Beijing).



Mr. Wu Yabin, Director of ITPO Beijing, introduced the progress made in terms of office restart, internal capacity building, project financing, partnership expansion and design of project activities since he took office in mid-February. CICETE Deputy Director-General Zhang Yi expressed his affirmation of the progress made by ITPO Beijing during the novel coronavirus outbreak, and hoped that the project staff will further accelerate the progress of project fundraising and various activities while strengthening their personal protective measures. As the management and coordination agency for the project, CICETE will, as always, provide relevant support, and promote the integration and coordination of the project with other agencies and businesses, so as to facilitate the high-quality implementation of the project.

Division I and II for UN Programmes of CICETE also attended the meeting.


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