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CICETE Deputy Director-General Zhang Yi met with UNIDO Regional Office Representative Ralf Bredel in Beijing

On May 10, CICETE Deputy Director-General Zhang Yi met with Mr. Ralf Bredel, Representative and Head of UNIDO Regional Office in Beijing and discussed issues related to UNIDO projects. The two sides reached consensus on issues including future direction of the UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion Office in Beijing (hereinafter referred to as “ITPO Beijing”), UCSSIC/China project, CICETE’s supervisory and coordinating functions in UNIDO Projects, preparatory work for the Summit of Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, formulation of new projects and the cooperating mechanism between the two sides.

Mr. Zhang Yi highlighted the future operational mechanism of ITPO Beijing and UCSSIC/China, and proposed to establish a more effective working mechanism, so that the two sides could better facilitate the formulation, execution and implementation of UNIDO projects, and the friendly in international cooperation would be further enhanced.

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